May 6th, 2012


Book Review: Heroes Without, Monsters Within, by Sheryl Nantus

Canadian superheroes engaged in rampant hijinks in Vegas.

Heroes Without, Monsters Within

Samhain Publishing, 2012, approx. 80,000 words.

Fight alone, die alone.

Blaze of Glory, Book 2

In the weeks since Jo “Surf” Tanis and her rough-and-tumble band of super-powered actors broke free of the government-sponsored superhero show, they’re all still dealing with the aftershock of adjusting to this thing called reality.

It doesn’t get much more real than a mission to dig survivors out of what’s left of Erie, PA, after a mysterious earthquake. A trembler that powerful is as out of place as Jo feels as the de-facto leader of the troupe. Not to mention the soul-shaking feelings she has for Hunter, a team member whose past as an Agency Guardian casts a heavy shadow over any possible relationship.

It seems one of the supers, an earth-warper named Ground Pounder, has gone rogue, using his freedom from the Agency’s brand of virtual slavery to put the “villain” back in supervillain. Failure to find him before any more innocent bystanders are hurt means the team could be back under the Agency’s thumb.

It’s a burden that doesn’t rest easy on Jo’s shoulders...especially when the man who’s invaded her heart is caught in the crossfire.

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Verdict: Heroes Without, Monsters Within is nothing more than what it pretends to be, which is a light-hearted fan-friendly romp. For superhero fans, this is a fun book, particularly if you like a side of romance. If superheroes aren't your thing, then you may not be able to read past the essentially silly premise enough to enjoy the story. Sheryl Nantus is not wicked clever nor a lyrical wordsmith, but I find her to be a very readable author, and frankly better than a lot of writers with much bigger books from much bigger publishers.

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