April 3rd, 2012


Book Review: Shine: An Anthology of Optimistic SF, edited by Jetse de Vries

An anthology of optimistic science fiction.

Shine: An Anthology of Optimistic SF Shine: An Anthology of Optimistic SF

Solaris Books, 2010, 453 pages

Shine: a collection of gems that throw light on a brighter future. Some of the world's most talented SF writers (including Alastair Reynolds, Kay Kenyon and Jason Stoddard) show how things can change for the better. From gritty polyannas to workable futures, from hard-fought progress to a better tomorrow; heart-warming and mind-expanding stories that will (re-) awaken the optimist in you!

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Verdict: A few stories were quite good, but while ambitious and optimistic in its intentions, this is a fairly mediocre collection of near-future SF, with a variety of writers not all of whom are particularly impressive. If the theme or any of the authors really appeal to you, then it's certainly not a bad collection, but I've read much better anthologies and I wouldn't rush out to buy Shine II.

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