January 10th, 2012


Book Review: The Last Town on Earth, by Thomas Mullen

A small town tries to quarantine itself against the flu epidemic of 1918, but they cannot keep out fear and violence.

The Last Town on Earth

Random House, 2006, 392 pages

The Last Town on Earth centers on the inhabitants of a small logging town in Washington and what happens when they take drastic measures (quarantine) to try and protect themselves from the virulent and deadly flu epidemic of 1918. When a deserting WWI soldier demands sanctuary, events are set in motion that change the town forever.

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Verdict: A good, thoughtful novel, not really slow-paced but the action occurs in starts and stops between more reflective interludes. Recommended for anyone who likes historical novels about this time period, or stories with a lot of insoluble ethical conundrums and imperfect people making good and bad choices.

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