April 29th, 2010


Book Review: Angelology, by Danielle Trussoni

I used to like vampires. Really. Anne Rice tried to ruin them, but I only read one or two of her books, before Teh Crazy really set in. Vampire: The Masquerade was actually pretty cool, too, before it collapsed under the weight of its own tragic hipness. Vampires are resilient, immortal beings, undead survivors of the first order. But alas, even they were no match for Stephanie Meyer, and the vampire genre is now ruined for at least a generation. I can only console myself with an occasional reread of Salem's Lot to remind myself that they used to actually be scary bloodsucking monsters, not sparkly pale penises.

So I read with dread and trepidation that the YA market is now setting its sights on angels.

Before that happens, you could do worse than Angelology, by Danielle Trussoni. (Which is not a YA novel, btw.) You could also do better, but at least her angels are, you know, Biblical. Well, kind of.

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Also: if you are a serious angelology geek, or you want to write about angels and demons, you can't do better than Gustav Davidson's Dictionary of Angels as a reference.

And for you game geeks, an obligatory shout-out to In Nomine by Steve Jackson Games.