March 3rd, 2010


Alex Reads Twilight, buckets of blood, and my next writing project

No, not that Alex.

This Alex.

Alex is my hero. He did what I didn't have the patience to do: read Twilight cover to cover. And he posted YouTube commentaries of each chapter. Twilight sporking sounds even better with an Aussie accent!

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Okay, moving on... I'm still doing some tune-up on the last few chapters of AQATDR, but the book is basically finished. Any changes I make at this point won't be structural, since both my betas have finished it and reassured me that it doesn't suck and doesn't have any gaping plot holes.

So, just to give you a heads up: I am as determined as ever to finish the Alexandra Quick series, and I'm outlining book four now. However, I'm not going to start writing it immediately. Instead, I have an original fiction idea that has expanded into novel length form. This is the first time in years I've felt the urge/inspiration to write original fiction of any length. So I think I'm actually going to do this, and even see if I can get it published.

I'm not going to dedicate my life to it. I wouldn't mind getting a novel published, but at this point in my life, I'm not trying to become a professional writer. I already have a career. (Now if I get my novel published and it becomes a best-seller and then optioned by Hollywood, well... I can dream, right?)

But, since it will take me a while to work on this novel, AQ4 will be on the back burner for a while. Actually, I'm planning to possibly alternate between them; working on one when I'm stuck on something in the other. But we'll see how well that works.

(And yes, I still plan to write a Hogwarts Houses Divided sequel... someday.)