February 23rd, 2010


Lila Zill and the Thorn Circle (also: Torchwood and Caprica reviews)

"Lila Zill and the Thorn Circle"

I've been looking back through the notes I made when I first conceived of Alexandra Quick, before I even started writing book one. I started out by writing lists of names for people and places. I'd actually forgotten most of these.

I have a long list of girls' names I wrote down. Then I have the three that made my short list: "Bonnie," "Lila" (short for "Lilian"), and "Alexandra."

Also, "Quick" was not the only surname under consideration. I have "Green" (which became Alexandra's mother's married name), "Stone," "Amber," and "Quick," and below all those, a circle around "Lila Zill."

Lila Zill? Really? I was going to name my main character "Lila Zill"? I swear I don't remember that...

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Torchwood: Children of Earth

Morally ambiguous heroes doing awful things for the greater good

This was a brilliant mini-epic. Seasons One and Two were "meh" for me. But Children of Earth was how sci-fi series should be: small and self-contained, tying up all the loose ends, and doing dramatic things that you can't do when you need to keep all your options open for the next season. (Though I understand they are planning a Torchwood Season Four now.)

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