February 10th, 2010


For Your AQATDR Speculation

Obviously no one finds the minutiae of ebook publishing as interesting as I do, since the comment thread in my Amazon vs. MacMillan post has become a "What's going to happen in AQATDR?" discussion. :P

Okay, speculate away!


I've been making good progress. 191K words completed. I am now writing Chapter 30, and planning to end book three with Chapter 31. Or Chapter 32. Depends how the conclusion and denouement work out. There's one scene which I really want to include, but I'm pretty sure my betas are going to tell me I should save it for the beginning of book four rather than sticking it at the end of book three. And I'm pretty sure they're right. (See what I did there? I've already had a hypothetical discussion with my betas about a scene I haven't written yet that they haven't read :)), so I probably won't write it at all. Yet.

And the prediction I made way back when I started looks like it is going to hold true: book three will be longer than book one, but not quite as long as book two.

So, I expect to finish the rough draft pretty soon. My betas are still working their way through the first half of the book, though, so I'm not going to start posting chapters as soon as I write "End Year Three." But we're getting there.