January 28th, 2010


Geekgasm: Friend-cuts, Flagrant Nerdery, and I'm Getting Oooooold

Umm, not so much with the AQATDR progress lately. (176K words.)

I am, in fact, still working on chapter 27, and my current outline is for 31 chapters total (+1-2 chapters likely, given my usual word count inflation). So I'm actually getting close to the end. But I'm suddenly busier in Real Life, and also certain things just aren't fitting together quite as neatly as I like, so I'm not sure whether to force my way through and revise, or take a step back and think about it for a while. (Obviously, for the past few days I've been taking the easier route, which is Option B.)

So, while I'm talking about completely unrelated things, apparently much drama can be had by the act of friending or defriending someone on LJ. Read my profile, folks. I actually have different ways of organizing which LJs I read how often, and I don't necessarily friend everyone I like, nor does the fact that I've friended someone necessarily mean that I actually know that person. Sometimes I friend a LJ I find interesting and then "defriend" it when I no longer find it interesting -- or when I've decided to put it in my RSS feeds instead.

Holy crap, one way to feel really old (and back in high school) is to lurk LJ drama threads.

Speaking of feeling old and back in high school, ebilgatoloco has depressed me because I realized that there are now high school teachers who are not as old as some of the Dungeons & Dragons books I have in my closet!

And now I am going to totally go off on a long geeky tangent about role-playing games, Netflix, Torchwood, ereaders, and the secret origin of Alexandra Quick...

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