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Last post for a while -- have some pics

I'll be in a secluded top secret location over the summer. Okay, not really. But I will be preoccupied with other things, which means no time to play with Poser and Photoshop. (But don't worry, I'll still be writing in my spare time.)

But here are some rough drafts of scenes and characters from AQ3. (Some people doodle on sketchpads; I doodle with pixels.) Enjoy!

(Remember, these are rough drafts -- I've done little or no postwork on them, so yes, they suck. Well, more than my graphic art usually does. :P)

I had to switch to a new Poser model for Alex now that she's 13. I like how this pose came out, except for the too-short tank-top. Ignore the exposed midriff (and the skin poke-throughs); I'll fix that with Photoshop.

Alexandra Quick

For those who thought Alexandra's friends didn't get enough time in AQATLB, you'll be seeing more of them in AQ3 (especially Anna).

Young Anna:

Older Anna:

Of course there will be Ozarkers:

And action!

And that's it for teasers for a while. Have a good summer!
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