Inverarity (inverarity) wrote,

AQATWA: All over the map

Well, I kicked myself back into gear to start setting aside some writing time for AQATWA. I just finished Chapter 11, and am at 57K words.

I cranked out a whole bunch of words which involve a character giving an extemporaneous speech that is supposed to Drop Clues and Foreshadowing and set Plot Points into motion and it's all disorganized confusing bullshit. And at 11 chapters and 57,000 words, I haven't really started any of the major subplots yet.

So, yay?

I'm trying to just write and not go back and rewrite (yet), which is what usually slows me down. Yes, the big speech can be completely rewritten. Or eliminated. After the rest of the story takes shape, I can fit the speech around it to make it make more sense.

But right now, it's barely more than a bunch of stream-of-consciousness paragraphs.

Tags: alexandra quick, aqatwa, writing

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