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Troublesome Vexes, Troublesome Woes, and Inverarity's State of the LJ

Nice fan composition by zephyranthia here. Thanks, zephyranthia!

Who are you people? Why are you here?

I have about 140 people who have friended me right now. I don't know most of you at all. This is fine — as I say in my user info, there is no need to ask permission to friend or defriend me, and I have yet to ever post anything f-locked. I usually check out the LJs of people who have friended me now and then, but I don't usually friend back unless I actually know you. (For some arbitrary Internet value of "know.")

But I do wonder who y'all are. I know some of the folks who have friended me have almost certainly abandoned LiveJournal long since. But I'd guess there are least a few dozen of you who are still reading my entries but have never commented here. You are not required to, of course. But if you would indulge my idle curiosity by answering this poll, I'd really appreciate it. (Yes, I did a similar poll some time back.)

The other questions are because now and then I think I might like to start blogging about more than writing and book reviews and fan stuff, but then I decide the time and mental energy it would take to mostly say stuff other people say better, and ban idiots, would aggravate me. One or two trolls can be enormously draining. Hence there is a trade-off between being quiet and unbothered or having a more active commentariat and periodic flamewars.

Lastly, LiveJournal seems to be in a death spiral. More and more people talk about abandoning it. I confess I am not entirely sure why, since it's still just as free and functional as every other blogging network out there, and I'm sorry but tumblr and twitter just confuse me. But who can fathom the ways of the Internet, which decides that Myspace shall become So Last Decade while Facebook shall prosper? So when I ponder the possibility of doing more "blogging," I also ponder the possibility of moving off of LiveJournal.

I probably won't do any of those things, because I'm lazy and it would be time I'm not spending on writing. But please answer my poll anyway!

Poll #1887616 Inverarity State of the LJ

Why do you read my LiveJournal?

For announcements about your writing/fan fiction.
For your book reviews.
Your writing and your book reviews.
I don't really care what you post, but you amuse and/or annoy me.

How do you read my posts?

You are on my Friends page.
I have you on an RSS feed.
I have you bookmarked and check your blog now and then.

Would you like me to blog about other topics?

No, I only care about your writing and/or book reviews.
No, because I don't want to disagree with you.
Yes, I wish you talked about other things we could discuss/argue about.

How do you feel about LiveJournal?

I don't really use it.
I would abandon it if not for a few people I follow who still use it.
I'm staying on LJ as long as it's still around.
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