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AQATWA: The words are coming, but the plot is dragging its heels

So, I am seriously working on trying to adjust my habits in such a way that I can remove myself from the Internet while writing. It's not working so well right now because, hello, I am writing and I am on the Internet. I used to go to the Borders cafe and write, which was nice, but Borders is gone, and I hate Starbucks.

It is amazing how much various fora and blogs and Facebook and shit can take over your free time. I am exactly the wrong sort of person to be online, a compulsive link-clicker.

Someone come take my laptop away from me! Oh, wait... then I won't be able to write. :(

So anyway, I can write once I get started, but I am in the early stages of the book where I still don't know how I'm going to get from here to there, or how to enable the inciting events. So I feel like I'm kind of faffing around, really.

AQATWA is currently 29,500 words, and I am working on chapter seven. Julia is in it.

At this rate, given how many different things I have planned to try to shove into this volume, I suspect this may end being the longest AQ book yet. That doesn't mean I'm going to deliberately bloat it, or I won't try to keep the wordcount from getting out of hand, but... yeah. Alexandra's got boots that were made for walking...

In other news: I am also still letting people crit my SF novel as a way of putting off real revision and taking the next step of actually querying it. Hey, maybe some time next year.

But another idea for an original SF novel has been bubbling and bouncing around in my head...

Also, that house? I ended up walking away from that one, because the seller and I could not agree on a price. But I put in an offer on another one... and we now have a closing date set.

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