Inverarity (inverarity) wrote,

AQATWA: Churning out the words while I've still got power

So, Sandy is coming this way. I have been less than impressed by my friendly neighborhood power company in past storm events. I expect to be without power for a few days, though it will be nice to be disappointed. I'm stocked up on food, water, flashlights, and enough sharp and ballistic objects for TEOTWAWKI. Though that was preparation for the zombie apocalypse, not some piddly little hurricane.

But, I wrote almost 5,000 words of AQATWA on Saturday, and about 5,000 words today! I'm writin' like a boss! Like it's NaNoWriMo or something.

Unfortunately, this has immediately resulted in the usual realization that it all sucks and will have to be rewritten but, ya know.

So anyway, I have finished a prologue and two chapters, and the current word count is about 12,000 words. And no, I'm not going to average 5000 words/day every weekend.

Meanwhile, I'm having major doubts about my SF novel and am almost ready to trunk it before I even try querying it. Bleh.
Tags: alexandra quick, aqatwa, i can be real writer?, life, writing

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