Inverarity (inverarity) wrote,

Fanfic (re)recommendation: Marissa and the Wizards

I have recced Marissa and the Wizards, by JCCollier, before. It's one of my favorite HP fan fics, starring a Muggle-born girl named Marissa who is a parentless child of the São Paulo slums, before being invited to attend the Witness Stone school of magic located deep in the Amazon rain forest. Anyone who likes "foreign magic school" OC stories (admittedly a small niche) cannot miss this little gem.

Sadly, though, the story appeared to have been abandoned. So imagine my surprise when a new chapter was posted today -- three years after the last update!

I can only hope this means JCCollier is writing again, and there won't be another three year wait for the next chapter.

Marissa and the Wizards
Tags: harry potter

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