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Alexandra Quick Poem

This was sent to me by a reader, tinypearl32. She said: "I was just reading Ch. 26 of the Lands Below, and I said the first line to myself (as Alex) and made the rest up. A present for you, to the tune from a Dr. Seuss poem."

I think it's awfully cute and deserves to be shared. :)

Hymn to Abraham Thorn
by Alexandra Quick

There are so many things / that I really should know.
So why don't you bother on / telling me so?
I should know the first names of my sis's and brothers
Who get heaped in a stack from the rest of the others.

If you start at the top, / there's a girl I don't know,
And then three pretty girls / all in a row:
Lucilla, Drucilla, and Valeria,
All from your second wife, I tell'ya.

Also Maximilian King and Julia,
And Matron Thalia who ain't from Sullia.
And, down at the bottom is poor little Alex.
But if she ever complains,
She will get a hex.
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