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The Thorn Family Tree (revisited)

The Thorn family tree needs a little bit of revision:

Direct link to larger image.

Bonus details about the Dearborn family:


No, I haven't started writing it yet, and won't for a while. But I have done some more outlining, and I've finally worked out some plot elements that will make sense of certain things I have planned for.... uh.... book seven.

Book five doesn't have any plot holes yet — more like plot questions.

As usual, my outline starts with a list of (not necessarily related) things that will happen, and then I spend my time working out how and trying to get from A to B to C.

After book five, though, I will be able to expand the White/Rafaela portion of the Thorn family tree. (Lucilla, Drucilla, and Valeria's half-siblings by their mother and her second husband.)

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