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Sunday Misc: WTF is up with March, and 12-kyu, baby!

Spring has apparently arrived. Never mind that mid-March is normally quite cold and residual snowfall is not unknown. But barring a freak cold snap, it looks like I can put away my winter coat until the fall. I mean, today was shorts weather!

We had barely any snow this entire winter. I think there was one day where we actually got some white stuff on the ground, and it was all melted by the next day.

It's global warming, I tell you!

Sunday's go game

I figure I may keep blogging about go as long as my current fixation on the game lasts.

I am more proud than I should be of beating MFOG at the 12-kyu level (I was black), even after my invasion of the upper left corner at the 3-3 point was only semi-successful. (As you can see, I gained a whopping 3 points of territory, though I also denied 12 points to white, but at the cost of 11 stones that I failed to save. So a net gain of... 4 points. An awful lot of effort for such meager results, but still. MFOG just "promoted" me to 12 kyu, which will last until the next time I play it as 12-kyu and (probably) lose. Right now I'm stuck bobbling back and forth in the 12-14 kyu range.

I have no idea what my rank really should be. I need to play more online.

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