Inverarity (inverarity) wrote,

Am I the only one...

...not receiving LJ notifications again? >:(

Bah, humbug!

Happy Holidays and all that

I know a lot of you on my f-list exchange Christmas cards. I apologize for not participating. I keep meaning to, but (1) I don't give out my address or real name to very many people; (2) I am horrible about sending out Christmas cards (or any other correspondence -- just ask my mother...) and the more people who send me cards, the guiltier I will feel about never reciprocating. 'Cause, uh, I won't.

Alexandra Quick and the Stars Above

Still doing final edits, but still on track to post the first chapter on Friday. :) As usual, I will be posting biweekly (Mondays and Fridays) on, Mugglenet, and Fiction Alley.

The current semi-final draft is just under 253K words, and 39 chapters. (Any changes in chapter count at this point are not because I have added or cut a significant number of words, but because there are some places where I am still not sure where the final chapter breaks will be.)

I am not going to post a TOC ahead of time, and since it's only three days until I start posting anyway, I won't be posting a sneak peak of the first chapter either.

But chapter one is titled Ghosts of Roanoke.

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