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AQATSA: A Grimm Present, and crack!fic

Alexandra Quick and the Stars Above is currently just under 252K words, and 40 chapters. I have done my first editing pass all the way up to chapter 38, and my betas are right behind me.

Once all chapters are edited/betaed, I will go through with the list of Things That Need to be Fixed and fix them.

So far, we haven't identified any great big gaping plot holes or serious structural issues. There are some things that need to be fixed (and one subplot in particular that one beta likes and the other doesn't), but nothing that has me rewriting half the book.


I have said before that Harry/Pansy is my crack!ship. And this year, I entered the pphpficexchange again. Why? I don't know!

So last year I won the Angstiest Fic Award. And this year?

Yeah, from angstiest to funniest.

Just like last year, it's something I kind of threw together at the last minute. (And once again I didn't bother having it betaed even though you're supposed to. >..>)

It's pure ridiculousness, but if you want to read it, it's called The MacGuffin Hunt, because I didn't even try to explain or justify the MacGuffin for this story. Nor did I try to explain or justify much of anything else. Whenever I had a choice between in-character and plausible or funny, I went for funny. So enjoy, but remember I was just trying to be entertaining on a deadline. :P

(It's labeled a "Gift for everyone" because, as so often happens in fic exchanges, the person I actually wrote it for, per their prompt, dropped out. :( )

Lastly, my latest commissioned character illustration:

Lilith and Diana Grimm
Lilith and Diana Grimm, by Meg Cowley

I like the look overall, though I think the colors made their hair look streaked with gray. Still not quite perfectly as I envision them, but I have such a hard time describing any character in such a way that an artist can render them perfectly, and this is closer than any of my Poser illustrations.
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